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2014 Show Photos

47 photo(s) Updated on: 20 Jul 2014
  • Carl Staudenmyer, Al Shinogle, and Joe Ketcherside
  • Bob Oswald, Joe Skoda, John Cermak, and Sue Oswald
  • Carl Staudenmyer, Bab Shadur, and Joe Ketcherside
  • Bob Shadur (Back to you) talking to Bob Keiss
  • Brian Rowley (r)
  • Carl Staudenmyer and Dan Coomer
  • Dru Melpolder, Carl Staudenmyer, and Joe Ketcherside
  • Anthony Harris on Outside Smoking Balcony
  • Icarus Pipe from Briars Works International
  • Jerry Crawford and Thomas James
  • Jesse Jones (r)
  • Joe Ketcherside and Steve Stein
  • Kate Jones and Eddie Fleiss (r)
  • Ken Davis, Dustin Babitzke, Unknown, Brian Rowley, Greta Hamric and Zack Hamric
  • Carl Staudenmyer, Lee Von Erck, and Joe Ketcherside
  • Leonard Wortzel (r)
  • Mike Reschke and Greg Pease
  • Nate King, Brian Rowley and Unknown
  • Neptune Pipe from Briar Works International
  • First Prize - Slow Smoking Contest - Neptune Pipe
  • Pat Morgan, Unknown and Cam Schutte
  • Ramazan Tufan and Steve Fallon
  • Quinton Wells and Bobby Fabian
  • Rachel Staudenmyer, her Dad Carl, and her friend Roni
  • Richard Grey, Bob Kiess and Bob Shadur
  • Rick Drake, Carl Staudenmyer, and Kevin Baxter
  • Russ Ouillette (l)
  • Scottie Piersel and Joe Ketcherside
  • Carl Staudenmyer, Scott Thile, and Joe Ketcherside
  • Show Opens
  • Show Floor Plan
  • Vlad Jirinec - 3rd Place Slow Smoke Contest
  • Mitch Denny - 2nd Slow Smoke Contest
  • Dave Houfek - Winner Slow Smoke Contest
  • Steve Butler, Dave Houfek, Mitch Denny and Vlad Jirinec
  • Steve Fallon, Kevin Brackett and Tony Fillenwarth
  • Sue Oswald and Bob Oswald and Customers
  • Ted Swearengen and Table
  • Sally Gottliebson Talking to Customers
  • Customer talking to Tony Soderman
  • Vald Jirinec, Auggie Augspurg, Dan Coomer, and Bill Miller
  • Scottie Piersel and Kevin Godbee
  • Bob Kiess, Joe Skoda and Bobby Owens
  • Bobby Fabian - Winner of the Seven Day Set
  • Adam Davidson, Carl Staudenmyer, and Ernie Markle
  • Adam Davidson and Bob Shadur

The Greater Kansas City Pipe Club, GKCPC, is a social group whose members enjoy Pipes, Tobaccos, and Pipe Collecting.
We gather monthly to share a good smoke, gain knowledge of pipes and tobaccos, sample tobaccos, trade a pipe or two,
and enjoy the camaraderie of our brotherhood of the briar. We also host the Kansas City Pipe and Tobacco Show.

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