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2013 Thursday Night

51 photo(s) Updated on: 09 Jul 2013
  • Dan Weddel, Dave Dyer, and Greg Pease
  • Vlad Jirinec
  • Tad Gage
  • Steve Butler
  • Chuck Stanion, Editor-in-Chief Pipes & Tobaccos Magazine
  • Joe Skoda
  • Sid Steinhaeufel
  • Sally Gottliebson, "The Pipe tart"
  • Sally Gottliebson
  • Roscoe Yoder
  • Quinton Wells
  • Mike Sull
  • Mike McNiel and Steve Stein
  • Mike and Mary McNiel with Master Penman tobacco
  • A Disbelieving Mike Sull
  • Mary McNiel reading dedication to Mike Sull on Master Penman
  • Mark Berman and Steve Stein
  • Lyn Beyer
  • Larry Humphrey
  • Ken Davis
  • John Houts
  • John Cermak
  • John Cermak Going Over Agenda
  • Joe Ketcherside
  • Jim Zikes
  • Jay Roberts
  • Gunnar Weber-Prada
  • Greg Pease
  • Kevin Godbee, Founder
  • George Dibos
  • George Dibos and Brian Levine
  • Dustin Babitzke
  • Dru Melpolder
  • Dave Houfek
  • Dave Dyer and Eli Goodell
  • Dan Weddle
  • Dan Weddle and Joe Stackowicz
  • Dan Coomer
  • Cyndi Gage
  • Clyde McIntyre
  • The 2013 Club Pipes
  • Close Up of Club Pipes
  • Carl Staudenmyer
  • Carl Staudenmyer putting out club pipes
  • Brian Levine
  • Brian Levine and Mark Berman
  • Bill Miller
  • Mark Berman
  • Auggie Augspurg
  • Anthony Harris

The Greater Kansas City Pipe Club, GKCPC, is a social group whose members enjoy Pipes, Tobaccos, and Pipe Collecting.
We gather monthly to share a good smoke, gain knowledge of pipes and tobaccos, sample tobaccos, trade a pipe or two,
and enjoy the camaraderie of our brotherhood of the briar. We also host the Kansas City Pipe and Tobacco Show.

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