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2012 Sunday

Final Day. Slow Smoke Contest. Seven Day Set Drawing.
14 photo(s) Updated on: 30 Jun 2012
  • Dustin Babitzke - "Best Display"
  • Dustin Babitzke & His Blowfish
  • Cybdi Gage, Roscoe Yoder, & Walt McKenzie
  • Steve "Pipestud", Jim Arra, & Russ Cook
  • Steve Fallon, Jim Arra, Russ Cook, Steve Butler & Dan Coomer
  • Russ Cook winner slow smoking contest, & Steve Butler
  • Cliff Stark (l) and Ken Davis (r)
  • Andy Petersen & Bob OSwald
  • Carl Staudenmyer, Joanne Crisswell, & Fred Hanna
  • Bob Gilbert (l)
  • David Scheffner and Dru Melpolder
  • Quinton Wells, Dan Coomer, & Mary McNiel Getting Ready for the Carvers' Raffle Darwing
  • Quinton Wells, Mary McNiel, and Dan Coomer
  • Quinton Wells & Bobby Owens (winner of the 7-Day Set)

The Greater Kansas City Pipe Club, GKCPC, is a social group whose members enjoy Pipes, Tobaccos, and Pipe Collecting.
We gather monthly to share a good smoke, gain knowledge of pipes and tobaccos, sample tobaccos, trade a pipe or two,
and enjoy the camaraderie of our brotherhood of the briar. We also host the Kansas City Pipe and Tobacco Show.

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