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2011 Show All Events

Von Erck, Peterson, and Kesling
44 photo(s) Updated on: 06 Aug 2011
  • Jerry Crisswell, Tony Sodermand, and John Cermak
  • Premal Chheda, John Cermak and Jerry Crisswell
  • Tony Soderman and Bob Gilbert
  • Kevin Godbee and Jon Rinaldi
  • Walt McKenzie
  • Walt McKenzie Calling Out a Raffle Winner
  • Tony Soderman
  • Steve Butler (right) Overseeing Smokers Contest
  • Clyde McIntyre Getting Ready for Smokers Contest
  • Bobbe Beyer and Little Girl
  • Lyn Beyer and Friend
  • Michael Lindner
  • Donald Kesling (left)
  • King Merendino, Steve Monjure and Jerry Crisswell
  • Rev. Rolf
  • Anthony Harris and Bruce Weaver
  • Ted Swearingen -
  • Tony Soderman and Curt Coffman
  • Tony Soderman - Kaywoodie Set
  • Anthony Harris
  • Scott Thile
  • Bob Gilbert
  • Scott Holtman
  • Andy Peterson
  • Bob Gilbert Pipes
  • Joe Nelson
  • Mary McNiel - McClelland Tobacco
  • Brian Levine - Brigham Pipes
  • Lee Von Erck and Scott Thile
  • Ted Swearingen and Kay Farinelli
  • Doug Smith (left)
  • Rod Margherio
  • Tony Soderman Collection - Tables 3-5
  • Rev Rolf in the Corner
  • Jon Rinaldi
  • Lee Von Erck, Andy Peterson, Donald Kesling
  • Tony Soderman Collection - Table 2
  • Tony Soderman Collection - Table 1
  • Tad Gage. Joe Ketcherside, Jerry Crisswell, and Carl Staudenmyer
  • Carl Staudenmyer
  • Smoking Tent Conversation
  • Smokers Haven Table
  • Grand Raffle Table
  • Smoking Tent with Welcome Sign

The Greater Kansas City Pipe Club, GKCPC, is a social group whose members enjoy Pipes, Tobaccos, and Pipe Collecting.
We gather monthly to share a good smoke, gain knowledge of pipes and tobaccos, sample tobaccos, trade a pipe or two,
and enjoy the camaraderie of our brotherhood of the briar. We also host the Kansas City Pipe and Tobacco Show.

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